Backup Systems

Backup systems are an important component of an organisation’s business continuity plan. In many cases they also form part of the company’s regulatory compliance documentation.


Building a database that allows the efficient storage and retrieval of a business’s data requires careful analysis not only of the data to be stored, but also of the way the business operates including how the data is gathered and utilised.


An Intranet is simply a website only accessible within a business that makes the information the employees need available to them via their web browsers. All that is required is a web server connected to the business LAN on which the information is stored.


Linux is an inexpensive alternative operating system to Microsoft Windows. The combination of its low cost, and its ability to run effectively on more modest hardware makes Linux an attractive option for Small Businesses.

Vitrual Private Networks

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends access to the resources of your office network to a remote location using encrypted communications over the public Internet.


By linking a website to a database, information customised to the needs of a particular user can be presented. This is ideal for providing customers with access to information your business holds on their behalf, providing automated quoations, or collecting information from the customers.