Linux is an inexpensive alternative operating system to Microsoft Windows. The combination of its low cost, and its ability to run effectively on more modest hardware makes Linux an attractive option for Small Businesses.

In the back office, Linux can host all your server tasks including:

  • An Intranet
  • Internet access/firewall
  • Email
  • Backup
  • A Virtual Private Network
  • Centralised file storage
  • A Database

Recently, Linux has made great strides with its user interface making it a viable alternative to Windows on user workstations. As well as web browsing and email applications,; an Office suite that can read and write Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations is available. With the costs and problems associated with moving to Microsoft Vista receiving much publicity, many organisations are considering using “Linux on the Desktop” instead.

Sinclair Services can supply and configure Linux based solutions specifically configured to suit YOUR business.