Backup Systems

Backup systems are an important component of an organisation’s business continuity plan. In many cases they also form part of the company’s regulatory compliance documentation.

Sinclair Services can create a backup system specifically engineered for your organisation and its work practices.

Systems we have implemented range from simple manually instigated backups onto removable hard drives through to automated backups onto offsite backup servers via encrypted Internet links.

As well as backing up data from multiple sources including Windows, Linux, or UNIX based servers, workstations (Windows or Linux) can also have the data stored on them included in a daily backup.

Options for the backup storage range from removeable USB hard drives to offsite backup servers which can be located anywhere with a broadband Internet connection.

As well as backing up ‘office application’ data such as word processor and spreadsheet files, your daily backup can be configured to include email, data from a database (EG WinBEAT) and from applications such as MYOB.