Building a database that allows the efficient storage and retrieval of a business’s data requires careful analysis not only of the data to be stored, but also of the way the business operates including how the data is gathered and utilised.

Sinclair Services have worked with a number of small businesses to develop databases that meet their particular needs. We have developed databases to:

  • Track the movement of DNA Samples to and from Storage
  • Register courier consignments
  • Record the details of insured IT equipment
  • Manage the flow of work within a business
  • Track the details of unit ownership in a retirement village
  • Manage the membership and assets of a volunteer emergency service
  • Make the calendar of a Uniting Church congregation available on the Internet
  • Track the handling of insurance claims from registration through to completion
  • Register and invoice conference participants

If you think your business could benefit from having its data readily available in a structured form, contact Mark Dods on 0409 214 834 or to discuss designing a database to suit your particular business structure and needs.