By linking a website to a database, information customised to the needs of a particular user can be presented. This is ideal for providing customers with access to information your business holds on their behalf, providing automated quoations, or collecting information from the customers.

Sinclair Services have written interactive websites which provide insurance premium quotations, a website for recording the movement of DNA samples to and from storage, a conference registration website, and an e-commerce website for an IT equipment wholesaler. Another site we have written collects shipment information from the various stores within a franchise chain.


Websites Developed and/or Maintained by Sinclair Services

Berwick Football Club

Cabinet Makers
Insurance Brokers

Cranbourne Football Club

Hamilton & Hamilton
Insurance Brokers

IT Claims Services

ITAC Options

KTA 4WD Training

Sear Insurance Brokers

Selective Career Recruitment

Surrey Hills Uniting Church

Victorian Indonesian Language Teachers Association

Victorian Orff Schulwerk Association

WICEN (Vic.) Inc.