Install Hylafax on Ubuntu

ubuntu_logoSteps for installing the Hylafax fax server on a Ubuntu 10.04 server, with links to a the WinPrint Hylafax Reloaded Windows client and the Hylafax Webmin module.

  • apt-get install hylafax-server to install hylafax
  • faxsetup to setup
  • faxaddmodem to add a modem definition
  • cat /etc/group to find user uid
  • faxadduser -p password -u 1001 username to add a user
  • To deliver incoming faxes to an email address create /etc/hylafax/FaxDispatch containing:
  • To attach a copy of the fax to notifications create FaxNotify in /etc/hylafax/ containing:
  • To avoid the problem of faxing only the header line, edit /etc/hylafax/config and add:
  • Hylafax webmin module
  • WinPrint HylaFAX Reloaded

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