Public IP Addresses for 4G Wireless Services

It seems to be getting harder and harder to get a wireless internet service with a public IP address rather than a Nat’d private address. Some VPN systems require the client to have a public IP, and you certainly need one if you want to connect to the service from the Internet.

I got a hint from a Mac website which suggested asking Telstra to apply the “GPTEXB3” code to the account, so that you can then use the APN “telstra.extranet”.

A commenter suggested that using Telstra’s “Livehelp” online chat system is more effective, and suggested a wording of the right question to ask to get the “GPTEXB3” code applied to an existing account.

I can confirm that Livehelp is the way to go. I got an answer to my question in less than a minute from the Livehelp operator. Prior to trying Livehelp I was told by three different phone operators that a public IP address could not be provided, despite them not knowing what a public IP address was. (They kept confusing public/private IP addresses and static/dynamic IP addresses.)

Here’s the transcript of the Livehelp chat session:

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